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10 February 2020

Fernwood Design Day 2020

How we’re giving back to our local community.

Every year, we team up with The Fernwood School, to give back to our community by attending their Design Day.

This year’s day took place on Friday 24 January 2020, with the main aim being to provide students with an insight into work within the design industry, fuelling their creativity with practical, engaging activities.

This year, we attended with a range of other companies, including Triumph, Rolls Royce and Annie’s Burger Shack just to name a few.

An assembly was held were all the professionals were introduced and the students were split up into their chosen discipline to spend the day on a project.

We did a presentation on our work with Nottingham Community Housing Association, including a variety of residential projects that they had completed.

We also looked at simple structures like arches and triangulation and did experiments to show the strength of arches by standing on a crate of eggs. We also had a spaghetti and marshmallow competition to build the tallest tower using triangulation. The students then used what they’d learned to design simple pop-up shelters for homeless people.

Mike Price, Head Architect, tells us more: “We’ve been involved in this initiative for the last six years and it’s great to see how the students get involved. We often get a few students who stand out as potential future designers and some have even spent time with us in the office for work experience.”